eeTag's Changelog

August 30, 2018 5 min read

eeTags - August 30th, 2018
- Improved theme layout to a more mobile friendly layout
- Tweaked Loading Proirity script to load some elements first for seemingly faster loading

eeTags 3.1.2 - August 2nd, 2018
- Hotfix to remove resizeTimer function that was causing theme editor lag

eeTags 3.1.1 - August 1st, 2018
- New setting to enable adaptive height on slideshow section
- Bug fix for collection page quick shop back in stock form not removing message after Captcha has been submitted
- Bug fix for predictive search when percentage symbol is included in search term
- Bug fix for secondary product image on touch devices to prevent need for double tap
- Bug fix to move currency converter error inline with other dropdown arrows
- Bug fix for OG:Image to prevent mega menu getting pulled in as social image on content pages
- Bug fix for sorting filter on sub-collection page
- Bug fix for translation strings in app.js.liquid
- Bug fix to revert changes to spacing on Image with text section standard width for 1 image per row
- Add additional check for Shopify Product Reviews app to prevent errors
- Remove translation string for notification form, which can now be edited through the theme editor
- Update mini cart display on mobile to prevent page content from scrolling in background
- Update block ids in .details templates for easier CSS targeting
- Update payment icons to svg and to prevent broken payment icon links
- Update for resizing browser and mobile menu functionality

eeTags 3.1.0 - June 25th, 2018
- New font picker settings introduced (
- An extensive, standardized list of typeface options is now available, with previews of the typeface visible within the 'Customize' settings editor
- This update requires that typography settings are reconfigured using the new typeface options (Admin > Online Store > Themes > Customize > Theme Settings > Typography)
- Bug fix for product gallery images sizing when lightbox is enabled
- Bug fix for extra spacing in the "Image with text" section on home page
- Bug fix to remove truncation on blog post excerpts and announcement text

eeTags 3.0.5 - June 6th, 2018
- New option for richtext above forms that accept user input, which enables a link to privacy policy
- New update for product page image gallery for adapting to product image heights
- Bug fix for Add to Cart button light background when Dynamic payment is enabled
- Bug fix for image sizing in size guide modal
- Bug fix for product lightbox image sizes displaying smaller on initial load
- Bug fix for gallery page images not being centered in lightbox
- Bug fix for mobile menu text beside icon not being clickable
- Bug fix to remove breadcrumbs when pagination is set to "Load more" or "Infinite scroll"
- Bug fix to allow for blank parent link in sidebar to trigger submenu visibility
- Bug fix to show "Continue shopping" on tablet landscape view
- Bug fix for recently viewed images alignment in sidebar
- Bug fix for wide display setting on Image with text homepage section
- Bug fix for scrolling minicart on mobile devices that caused entire site to scroll
- Bug fix for video block autoplay issue on product.details template
- Improve customer login page by adding a confirmation message when password reset email is sent
- Improve announcement bar display when there is a large amount of text
- Update jQuery to latest version
- Update autoplay settings to warn that feature is not supported on all browsers

eeTags 3.0.4 - April 27th, 2018
- New mini cart background color setting
- New size limit for blog excerpts
- Bug fix for predictive search showing $0.00 for sold out and free products
- Bug fix for stray closing tag when video is included in alt text
- Big fix for search input placeholder text on search page
- Bug fix for text overlap when animation is set to none on slideshow
- Bug fix for app conflict causing duplicate PayPal buttons on cart page
- Bug fix for featured collections product information on tablet devices landscape
- Bug fix for sale price styling on variant change
- Update vertical menus to include active class on selection

eeTags 3.0.3 - April 9th, 2018
- Bug fix for collection thumbnail hover alpha filter
- Bug fix for mobile header dropdown search alignment
- Bug fix to add side-scrolling for size chart on mobile popup
- Update page details to use `include` snippet to sync all the section/blocks for consistency

eeTags 3.0.2 - March 23rd, 2018
- New standard width option for Image with text block
- New setting to enable an inventory threshold limit for remaining inventory
- Bug fix for twitter share where titles were sometimes being truncated
- Bug fix for Featured products section corner alignment
- Bug fix for Product.details template’s Coming soon text not appearing correctly
- Bug fix to allow product grid thumbnail to have a transparent background
- Bug fix for larger tablet devices and the mega menu dropdown not appearing
- Bug fix for related products’ quick shop variant selection interfering with product’s variants when using swatches
- Bug fix for vertical menu header background disappearing on submenu items

eeTags 3.0.1 - March 14th, 2018
- Bug fix for JS error when search is disabled
- Bug fix for search form alignment on mobile

eeTags 3.0.0 - March 14th, 2018
- New live search feature with autocompleted results
- Added infinite scroll option to search page results
- New banner content support on search page
- Newsletter sign up form option within footer
- Added autoscroll to top after filtering collection results in sidebar
- Bug fix for product lightbox on slow connections
- Bug fix on product page for featured collection limit
- Bug fix for variants not appearing on home page featured products in theme editor
- Bug fix for mobile menu dropdown arrows on iOS
- Update Flickity and jQuery libraries

eeTags 2.2.4 - February 13th, 2018
- Improvements to vertical menu on touch devices
- Bug fix for color swatch variant issue on slower connections
- Update Image with Text mobile display on product.details template
- Bug fix for review stars on collection page filtering
- Bug fix for additional checkout buttons on cart page with mini cart
- Update mini cart on Safari to prevent overlap on button
- Small bug fixes for password page background, account activation buttons and secondary logo header

eeTags 2.2.3 - January 12th, 2018
- Fix for Instagram API updates
- Translation fixes for customer page and Shipping Calculator
- Section support for password page
- Fixed Tunisian Dinars currency support where prices are not show correctly.
- Moved "Continue reading link style" option to the "Colors" tab.
- Added Itemprop for descriptions to the "product.description-bottom" template
- Bug fix for Recently Viewed Slider on mobile devices
- Bug fix for margins in the "" template (Firefox)
- Bug fix for product labels
- Bug fix for mobile menu when scrolling
- Bug fix for mobile logo color
- Bug fix for filters and sorting backgrounds

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