How Other websites trick shoppers into paying for 'luxury' but are actually cheap goods from China

June 29, 2018

How other websites trick  shoppers into paying for 'luxury' products they think they're getting at a bargain (but are actually cheap goods from China) And how is different.

  • Some e-commerce websites allegedly use 'drop-shipping'
  • Some offer free items - for a delivery fee - to lure customers into spending money
  • Shoppers can be left waiting months for orders - or they never arrive
  • Some are scammers who sell cheap goods bought from Chinese sites

Most websites are using crafty 'drop shipping' techniques to trick customers into buying cheap goods at inflated prices, a TV investigation has claimed.   

An investigation by a UK TV Channel uncovered a slew of 'e-commerce' websites that advertise luxury swimwear, jewellery and clothing - none of which they actually stock themselves. 

In fact, they are third-party sellers who never actually have products in their possession, but rather use mocked up images to advertise them as having been discounted from a vastly inflated price - and available to shoppers for only the cost of shipping.

These sellers simply take customers' cash and order the products at bargain prices from Chinese websites to be sent direct to the shopper, then pocketing the difference themselves. 

It's a practice that has left shoppers waiting months for their items to arrive from China.   

There is no suggestion that all operations involved by these websites are disreputable, but it is illegal according to consumer law in some countries such as UK to advertise a product as discounted when it was never actually on sale at the higher price.  

Here is a comparison

Value for money? This Website appears to show a 'free' bikini that previously cost $52.99 (£46.69)


But a quick search reveals the same bikini - and even the same model - is featured on AliExpress costing just $9.50 (£7.19)

So what happens on this type of e-commerce website is they are filled in with drop-shipping items so [the sellers] don’t actually have those products physically.

There’s no buying stock, no warehouse to manage and no products to hold, as, Drop-shipping means sites will take your money then order it on cheaper sites like AliExpress to be shipped directly to you.

Other tricks these websites use

- Sales countdown timers to pressure buyers
- Fake Limited Stock
- Inflating prices and advertising a sale. eg Today's price is $10 but tomorrow's sale price will be price = $10 was $15
-  never shipping anything by Changing the Domain name ( ) some days after making a few sales. Then repeat the process.


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