0 About Free Shipping in eeTags

About Free Shipping in eeTags



Shipping products costs money, there are free shipping options available from couriers but these options are free because they are...

  1. LOWEST PRIORITY which can take longer than 30 days to arrive to your door and placed after other paid shipping packages have been added to cargo.

  2. NO SECURITY OR INSURANCE. without insurance or security the items can get stolen, lost or damaged and the courier will not care. which forces us to refund products that arrive damaged or lost.

  3. NO TRACKING. Without tracking it is impossible to check where the package is around the world. with the tracking the couriers are aware the products are tracked and are more obligated to ensure they are delivered, without tracking the couriers wouldn't have to care.

And finally with FREE SHIPPING, who is going to pay for the wages, fuel, equipment, overheads, tax and insurance and other costs. 


  • If you were charged for delivery and didn't expect to be please see Why Didn't I Get FREE Delivery?.
  • Changing your delivery address, speed or preference might affect your order's eligibility for FREE Delivery. If your order qualifies for FREE Delivery, you'll still be charged a delivery fee on any ineligible items in the order.
  • If your order is for delivery to multiple addresses you must order separately. You can add products to favourites then add the products to basket for each address. To qualify for FREE Delivery, the value of the delivery going to each address must meet the applicable minimum spend detailed above.
  • If your order doesn't meet the minimum spend to qualify for FREE Delivery, you can place another order and the website will automatically consolidate the two.
  • Add-on Items are eligible for FREE Delivery as long as you meet the minimum spend detailed above. For more information about Add-on Items please see About Add-on Items.



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