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Financing Options

interest free FINANCE OPTIONS

You love it. You want it. It’s perfect. But, it’s a bit too out of your reach financially.
Well, With us  you can buy that special piece now and choose from our range of, easy, 0% interest installment plans to pay it back over time, or split payment in several ways between cards, between friends and so on. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and dream big, because you are definitely worth more.


We currently have two ways to pay your jewellery one os by Partial.ly which helps you pay back in flexible installments and the other is our own "Split Payment" which lets you have the option split payments between several ways either, pay part with credit card and Paypal, Split the cost between friends, split the cost between different cards or send a bill over an email to a sponsor who will pay the full amount for you.

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Buy your products and services with Partial.ly Payment Plan

Partial.ly provides bus with a simple, convenient and powerful platform to sell products and services with payment plans on Streetguild. This can automatically apply custom payment plan terms depending on pre-set checkout criteria. Both fully automated payment plans and manual payment plans are available

Full integration with StreetGuild. You can byt products on StreetGuild's website with payment plans. You will have the option for standard checkout or a payment plan checkout option. If the payment plan option is selected, the cart total and all of the products will be listed and the terms of the applicable payment plan will be applied to the order. Once you have entered your payment details, the order will automatically be added to our website's admin and all future payments will be properly timed and automated, helping you close more deals and take the hassle out of customer billing.


Split - Partial Payments

Split - Partial Payments


  • Allows you to pay for the order in several ways or to share a payment with other people.
  • Zero commission for split payments! All payments go through the StreetGuild's billing system that can accept over 100 types of payment options.
  • Splt payment between friends
  • Split payment between credit card, paypal, Friends etc for one product.
  • Buy and send invoice emails to your friends to pay for you.

What problem does the Service solve?

Have you ever been in the situation when you want to buy something or pay for something, but do not have enough money on one card and have to pay the bill with several cards? Of course, this does not happen often, but still, such cases occur sometimes. If we do not have the opportunity to enter the payment in several ways, you say "I'm sorry, I'll come back next time." Thus, we lose a valuable customer.

If you want to give someone a present from a group of people (for example, friends or co-workers), you face problems in collecting money and transferring them to one person: the whole process lasts a long time, not everyone brings money on time and you are nervous, that you may not have time to buy a gift.

In Short

The Service allows you to pay for the order in several payments. This can be by multiple payments where you can separates the payment amount into several methods (for example, one part by credit card, the rest with PayPal). Also, the feature can be used to pay for one order by several payers - shared payment. The payment initiator (You) can create an order and split payments between several recipients. You send invoice emails to your Recipients who will receive invoices at the emails.