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Sales Rep intro


You have all the tools you need in one place.


You can send invoices to your clients and purchase our products at wholesale rate and more..


Use your unique discount code and affiliate link to market on your social media and get commission on sales

Using the Sales Rep Solutions you can do four things from the account page of your online store:


1. Send invoices to clients: This enables you to send invoices with discounted rates, to your clients, customers, friends and family. Order invoices will be sent to your clients email. You can select from different discount rates (Gold, Silver and Bronze) which are set by the store admin.

2. Place Wholesale orders: You can purchase our products at wholesale prices and then sell them forward to other merchants at higher price, hence making a profit. Orders will be sent as invoice to your email.

3. You get your own affiliate links, which you can share and market on your social media.
We will set the affiliate commission, track all sales made by your affiliate links and we track the commission payouts made.

4. You get your own discount coupon: which you can share and market on your social media. You get a commission if your discount is used at checkout. We will set the discount percentage and the commission and track all sales made using the discount coupons.

Note : We can track the commission payouts. But we do NOT make commission payouts immediately for security and fraud protection .




a) Contact us and we will make a payment on commissions gained beyond 30 days ( or 2 weeks after delivered product )

b) Or we will make the payments manually once a week " if were not overworked ".

Once you have signed up and invited, you can login at streetguild as normal and access all the features from your accounts page.

Data Gathering Note 
We can see detailed reports on our admin dashboard to check who are our top selling sales reps. See the commission earned by each sales rep.  All the reporting data are required to make informed decisions regarding our sales reps such as promotional events, competitions, bonuses etc.

If you wish to Close your account, Please email us and and we will delete the your account only after

- All commissions are paid after 30 days
- No outstanding commissions are due
- No affiliate link or discount codes active and visible in any social media